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About Us

About Us

IVAS Contracting is a full service renovation company that aims to generate trust and transparency with our clients. Our experience and breadth of knowledge combine to provide you with quality service in a timely manner. Every project we accept is important to us, regardless of size or cost. While essential to our business and important to all of us, making money is secondary to the professional services we provide. We function as a team and not as a loose-knit collection of individuals. We encourage our team to make a committed and meaningful contribution to the firm. Every individual in our company continuously strives to expand and improve their knowledge and expertise. The members of IVAS Contracting each bring unique talents and personalities to their work. All possess diverse backgrounds and skill sets, which we believe makes us stronger as a company. We use these talents to reach the ultimate goal – to provide our clients with high quality service and always in the best interest of our customers.

Our Values

We are customer focused.

We highly value our Customers and Vendors and we are committed to meeting their needs quickly and fairly.See what our customers say

We are a team.

We believe each employee’s opinion counts and deserves respect. We encourage innovation and creativity.

We believe in honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We protect our company resources to benefit those who depend on us, such as Employees, Vendors and Clients. There is no alternative.

We never stop improving.

Mistakes that arise from good intentions and hard work are distinguished from those arising from lack of effort or carelessness.

We plan and build for the long term.

We protect our company resources to benefit those who depend on us, such as Employees, Vendors and Clients.

Meet The Team

Russell Gans


Russell Gans Is the Founder & Owner of IVAS Contracting. Russell started his career working in Lumber Yards & Hardware Stores. Learning about the construction industry from the material side first has allowed Russell to gain an insightful perspective that most contractors don’t have. This Expert Knowledge allows IVAS Contracting the ability to resolve issues quickly & efficiently to insure that our projects are completed on time & on Budget.

Chanroutie “Savi” Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Savi joined the team over 10 years ago. Savi has an extensive background in Managing an office & equally important our customers needs. IVAS Contracting has seen significant increases in Design & Performance since Savi started running our in office operations.

Lori Dyas

VP of Operations

Lori Dyas entered the construction business with an accounting background and has been accruing knowledge, experience, and skill for twenty years. She is proficient in utilizing the American Institute of Architects’ industry-standard forms (AIA’s), setting up Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, reading architectural drawings, scheduling jobs, and tracking labor. Her career spans projects from building houses to building a bank with twenty-three apartment units and a rooftop patio. Lori is well-qualified to be IVAS Contracting’s VP of Operations.